Who Are You, Five Ring Fanatic?

It's normal to like the Olympics. The immense build-up, fanfare, and media coverage allows any normal follower to transform into a mega-enthusiast. Every two years, we observe some form of the Games- and for those years between, we are preparing for the next celebration.
Thus, being an "Olympics fan" is relatively normal nowadays. However, I am not an Olympics fan.
I am a Five Ring Fanatic.

Not many people choose to spend their senior year of college researching international sport and writing a 70+ page thesis about them. I believe even fewer people travel across the world to visit important Olympic and World Cup headquarters. In this way, I am not like most people, and through this blog hope to impart some of my knowledge and passion for the world of international sport.

I could claim that my Olympic fanaticism began with the 2008 Beijing Games, which are the first Games I truly remember watching and enjoying. I was too young to really understand the dynamism and multifaceted nature of the Games until recently. I traveled to London in early 2012, as they were preparing for the Summer Games, and my interest was piqued. There was so much more to the Games than just the event, the stadium, the Olympic Village, or anything else even remotely tangible- as Pierre de Coubertin (father of the Modern Olympic Games) once stated, "holding an Olympic Games means evoking history." I am interested in the legacy of the Games, and the vast changes they have undergone since inception in the late 1800s.

I hope to explore various sub-topics related to the Olympic Games in this blog- anything from the way Olympic athletes are viewed in relation to other athletes, to the impact of the Olympics on cities, to the role of social media, and more. In my thesis research, I relied heavily on popular news articles for information, but found few blogs solely dedicated to the Olympics and all that the word "Olympic" encompasses. I dare not call myself an expert on the subject, but I think it's safe to say that I'm the go-to gal in at least my friend circle for all things Olympic (and yes, I promise that my "friend circle" is more than just my mom).

Feel free to comment and let me know what Olympic topics you would enjoy reading about!




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